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6 Tips for Living After the Manner of Happiness


Here are six simple reminders that might help you find a little more happiness even in trying times.

Sickness, natural disasters, death, financial burdens—the list of life’s stressors could go on and on. Yet while we can’t change what happens to us, we can control how we handle it.

When we signed up for time on earth, we signed up for the bitter and the sweet—a whole lot of sadness and a whole lot of joy, all to help shape and mold us into the people our Father in Heaven want us to be. While it is good and healthy to face our emotion—to be sad, angry, or upset about life—I’ve found that choosing to be happy can help make life a little easier.

Here are six ways I have found to cultivate more happiness in life:

Stop Comparing

A common saying states that “comparison is the thief of joy.” While the grass at times (or even a lot of the time) seems greener on the other side, life is easy for no one. Everyone has struggles and what may appear to be an easy or perfect life could very well be quite the opposite. Trying to think and act as Christ would is always a good gauge for our actions, though we will never be perfect. Choosing not to be offended or judgmental also plays a large role in helping to bring us happiness.

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