7 Books That Will Help You Better Understand the Scriptures

No matter how many times you've read the scriptures, someone else has probably picked up on something you haven't. Here are a few books that will hopefully give you more insights into the stories and doctrine you love.

1. Righteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon

By John Bytheway

This John Bytheway book about the war chapters in the Book of Mormon will bring greater understanding to why the war chapters were included. John Bytheway points out major patterns and discusses how and when the Nephites were successful and when they were not. In Righteous Warriors he discusses how our daily trials are not so different than the wars the people of the Book of Mormon fought.

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2. Walking with the Women of the Old Testament

By Heather Farrell and Mandy Jane Williams

Sometimes learning about women in the scriptures is difficult because so few verses are dedicated to their individual stories. Walking with Women of the Old Testament will help you understand the stories of many women and gives a profile on Eve, Ruth, Hannah and 50+ more women. While we recognize their names, this book will help explain their stories and circumstances in greater depth.

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3. Old Testament, Genesis-2 Samuel

By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

If you’re looking for a manual that is easy to study and understand on your own, the Institute or Seminary student manuals are for you. There are manuals for all four sections of the scriptures and help understand anything from Deuteronomy to Omni. The manual includes links to scriptures and insights from general authorities to help clarify and better interpret the verses. It also provides historical context to help understand parables and terms not commonly used today.

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4. Revelations in Context

By LDS Distribution Center

Understanding the sections in the Doctrine and Covenants can be perplexing, Revelations in Context explains the stories behind the different sections and gives greater understanding to the reader. This book answers questions such as what did the Lord's responses mean to those He addressed? How did they respond? What questions prompted the revelations?

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5. Understanding the Parables of Jesus Christ

By Jay A. Parry and Donald W. Parry

Parables are an important and prevalent part of Christ’s teachings. To understand Him and His teachings, we need to understand how He taught. Jay A. Parry and Donald W. Parry explain and expand on 30 of Christ’s parables using modern revelation and teachings, scriptures, and observations from other Bible scholars. This is a must-have for anyone reading the New Testament or seeking to understand the teachings of Jesus better.

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6. The Infinite Atonement

By Tad R. Callister

In this new book, Tad R. Callister gives a clear and powerful explanation for the Atonement. He gives insight into various aspects of the Atonement such as repentance, the relationship between justice and mercy, and reminds readers to remember the many blessings the Atonement brings those who draw upon its power. Callister explains how the Atonement works and helps readers understand it on an intimate level.

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7. The Book of Mormon Made Easier

By David J. Ridges

Do you ever feel more confused than ever when reading the Book of Mormon? David J. Ridges, a former teacher for the Church Education System, helps the reader discover principles and identify main ideas. Understanding 1 Nephi through Words of Mormons will become a snap and the book can help decipher all those Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi. The verses are given verse by verse explanation and will help any reader understand the verses easier.

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