7 Dates You've Probably Been On If You Go to BYU—Idaho

How many can you check off on this list? So far our highest score is 5 out of 7.

It’s no secret that BYU—Idaho has an interesting dating culture. The university itself has been nicknamed BYU—“I do!” However, being on a small campus in a small town, it has been proven that it can be hard to be creative with dates.

So here’s 7 dates you or your roommates have probably been on, whether you realize it or not.

The Devo Date- Every Tuesday, at 2:10 p.m., there is a huge campus-wide devotional. They file into the I-Center just to hear a speaker give a talk. Some people even come dressed in their Sunday best to this event. And many will send a text Monday night saying, “Hey! Are you sitting by anyone for devo tomorrow?” Don’t pretend like you haven’t, because you probably have. And it was probably awkward trying to talk to your “devo date” while the speaker was trying to tell you something about your eternal salvation.

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