7 Lies Society Is Telling You About Your Marriage

by | Apr. 14, 2015

Makes You Think

The following are 7 common myths about marriage that have been identified in couples therapy and couple education settings by current research by. We have expert Dr. Jeff Larson here to help us debunk some of these based on his own and others' research findings.

Myth 1: If my spouse really loves me, they should instinctively know what I want and need to be happy.

You have to communicate clearly about your needs, wants, and expectations for your spouse to have any chance at fulfilling them. So, the reality is: If my spouse really loves me, they will openly and respectfully tell me what they want and need and not expect me to be able to read their mind.

Myth 2: I can change my spouse by pointing out their inadequacies, errors, and other faults.
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