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7 books that will help you better understand the temple


The temple is a house of learning, but much of our learning about the temple can happen outside its walls. These seven books by esteemed Latter-day Saint authors can help you better understand the ordinances that take place and the covenants you make with God.

Let’s Talk about Temples and Ritual

In this book, Dr. Jennifer Lane draws on scripture and the history of ancient and modern temples to share how, in the temple, we can find redemption through Christ. The book also explores the relationship between Freemasonry practices and modern-day temple rituals, the significance of the temple garments, and why the administration of ordinances has changed over time.

The Holy Invitation

Many existing books and articles discuss specific temple ordinances, but the historical development of all temple ordinances has never been included in a single volume—until now. Wilford Woodruffs Witness provides new insight even to those who are very familiar with Latter-day Saint history.

175 Temple Symbols and Their Meanings

By Donald W. Parry
With 175 separate entries, this volume explores a variety of these rich symbols and truths regarding ancient and modern temples. Listed in alphabetical order for convenient references, the entries deal with a broad range of categories, including temple architecture, rituals and ordinances, sacred clothing, sacrificial offerings, geometric symbols, colors, heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars), prayer and revelation, sacred names, religious festivals, and more. This thorough yet accessible collection allows each of us to gain a greater understanding of valuable symbols, enriching our temple experience and giving each of us a clearer vision of the many ways our temple worship points us toward Jesus Christ.

The Holy Temple (Refreshed Edition)

In The Holy Temple, President Packer examined in detail the doctrines and practices surrounding the holy temples that dot the world. This timely and valuable book will help members at every stage of life as it focuses on a temple's purpose, beauty, and blessings.

Also available in pocket and journal editions!

A Sacred Place Like This

Sharing inspiring personal stories, doctrine, and scriptural insights, President Eyring invites us to better understand the Savior, build eternal family connections, and feel more hope, joy, and optimism in our lives. His words are coupled with beautiful temple photography and powerful graphics depicting the growth of temples worldwide.

Understanding Temple Symbols Through Scripture, History, and Art

Whether you have just begun attending the temple or are well seasoned in temple worship, Understanding Temple Symbols offers intriguing new insights about the House of the Lord, making connections between the temple and the scriptures for all who seek further light and knowledge.

The Savior in Kirtland

In this volume, author Karl Ricks Anderson brings to light unparalleled events and divine manifestations that were given during those early years of the Restoration.

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