9 TV Shows That Starred Mormons

3. Playhouse Masters

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After entering a local home and garden show in their hometown of Alberta, Canada, an LDS couple's Rapunzel-themed playhouse went viral. Tyson and Audrey Leavitt founded their own business, Charmed Playhouses, and garnered enough attention to star in their own reality TV show on TLC, called Playhouse Masters

Catering to high-profile customers like NBA star Steph Curry, the Leavitts create custom playhouses, treehouses, and doghouses that are completely unique and built from scratch. After innovative architect Wayne Visbeen creates a sketch of the playhouse, Tyson and his crew start building, and Audrey starts to find small, fun decorations for the interior. 

Tyson and Audrey find inspiration for their whimsical playhouse pirate ships and fairytale castles from their three children, Emmett, Miles, and Lydia, as well as their own childhood fantasies. The Leavitts keep their family and their faith at the forefront of their lives, making sure they balance work with their family and Church responsibilities.

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