9 New Temple Update Photos from Around the World

Of the 14 new temples currently under construction, five have had some significant changes in the last few months. Visit ldschurchtemples.com for more photos, or to submit updated photos of your own! 

Paris France Temple

Current Stage: Walls are finally visible!

Planned Completion: Late 2016


Photo taken December 28, 2014, courtesy of Arnaud Clark

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

Current Stage: Stained-glass windows and exterior granite cladding being added

Planned Completion Date: Mid 2016


Photo taken December 28, 2014, courtesy of Kevin Dion


Photo taken November 28, 2014, courtesy of Kevin Dion


Photo taken January 2, 2015

Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Current Stage: Interior work progressing and east fountain installed

Planned Completion Date: Late 2015


Photo taken December 7, 2014

Trujilo Peru Temple

Current Stage: Landscaping nearly completed

Planned Completion Date: Mid 2015


Photo taken December 2014, courtesy of Juan Carlos Vigo Aponte


Photo taken December 18, 2014, courtesy of Elder Wengert

Tijuana Mexico Temple

Current Stage: Windows installed, landscaping nearly finished 

Planned Completion Date: Late 2015


Photo taken December 5, 2014, courtesy of David


Photos taken December 12, 2014, courtesy of David

All photos retrieved from ldschurchtemples.com

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