After His Daughter's Brain Aneurysm, "Studio C" Member Shares How the Atonement Brought Peace

The cast of BYUtv's extremely popular sketch comedy show, Studio C, sat down with LDS youth from all over the world Wednesday night to answer their questions in a Face to Face event.

The topics ranged from missionary work to how to develop your standards and self-confidence to funny behind-the-scenes stories of their sketches, but overall one message stood out about the rest—the power of the Atonement and how to find peace in our lives.

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A powerful moment in the evening came when cast member Jason Gray told the youth about the incredible pain he experienced when his wife and daughter, Alice, were life-flighted to Primary Children's Hospital after Alice suffered a brain aneurysm. "I felt just so alone and it was so scary and I felt pain I didn't even think was possible," he shared. 

"We went from having this super healthy girl to not know whether she was going to live."

He continued, “but I can testify of the power, the peace that the Atonement can bring.”

While at the hospital, Gray was so overwhelmed and in shock he didn't know if he could give his wife and daughter a priesthood blessing. "[Someone] gave me a priesthood blessing so I could give a priesthood blessing. I didn't even know the priesthood worked that way. I just felt this overwhelming peace as he gave me this blessing that no matter what happened, even if she had to go back to heaven . . . that I would be okay."

Alice spent more than a month in the hospital. While staying at the hospital, Gray told LDS Living that parents would recognize him and tell him that Studio C gave them and their children a much-needed break from their pain and worries. “It was cool to see [the effect of the show] firsthand,” he says. “It made me appreciate it more because we were trying to find our own thing to help us make it through the hospital as well.”

Here are just a few more great quotes from the night, but be sure to check out the full event below!

"The gospel, the whole Plan of Salvation, is about your family. Everything we've been given is to enable happy families." —Natalie Madsen
"We're not always happy—I mean we often are and that's what we're hoping for . . . I think the big thing to remember is that there are going to be highs and lows always and so when you're are at a high or even at the bottom, know it's not going to last all that long. . . . Know the bad things are going to pass and the good things are going to continue into eternity." —Matt Meese
"To know that you have a worth that is eternal, to know you have a Heavenly Father who is omniscient, who knows everything in the universe, and He is confident in you. He believes in you. He is rooting for you . . . [that] is your support and lifeline." —Whitney Call
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