Aging Out of a Singles Ward Makes Some Feel Like 'Failures'

Dear Angela,

In the next month I'll be leaving my singles ward for a family ward. I'm turning 31 and officially "aging out" of my current congregation. I'm writing because I really feel like a failure. I had more than a decade to get married and "graduate" properly from my singles ward and with only a few dates and lots of awkward social activities, it just didn't happen for me. I'm developing a really negative attitude about religion in general and I know that it stems from being single in a church full of married people but knowing that doesn't change my feelings. How can I keep going to church when I feel so bad about all of this relationship stuff and it seems to be exacerbated when I'm there?

Make sense?

Aged out guy

Dear Aged out guy,

I can really empathize with how you're feeling, I think a lot of people can.

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