Alex Boye' Creates Africanized Version of "Little Drummer Boy," Church Shares Video

As a gift to members of the Church and others worldwide, the Church and famous LDS artists and influencers with a large following on YouTube have collaborated to create a "12 Days of Social" countdown to Christmas to share the message that "A Savior Is Born."

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For the fifth day of this creative advent calendar, the Church shared Alex Boye's African tribal version of the Little Drummer Boy. At the end of the video, Boye' shared this touching testimony:

"You know, I heard a quote once that said, 'This Christmas, instead of asking what you will get, ask what you will give.' And you know, there is no better example than that than the person who gave his whole life, Jesus Christ."

Among the other YouTubers who will participate in this event are David Archuleta, Lindsey Stirling, Jenny Oaks Baker, Peter Hollens, the cast of Studio C, and many more, so keep following LDS Living for each new update. And, in case you missed them, here's day oneday two, day three, and day four of the "12 Days of Social."

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For more from Alex Boye', check out his Christmas album, "My Christmas Wish." Or, listen to his inspiring hymns and great Sabbath music in "Be Still, My Soul." 

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