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The new Latter-day Saint animated show my child asks to watch every day (and I gladly say yes)

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Isabel & the Razzle Dazzle 3rd Ward
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If your family is anything like ours, we are always looking for something fun and uplifting to watch together as a family on Sunday afternoons. And it’s an added bonus if we get in a great learning lesson for our three-year-old son, too.

Enter Isabel & the Razzle Dazzle 3rd Ward.

In this captivating new short animated series, Isabel, her brother, Dani, and their hampster, Ziggle, learn important lessons in honesty, service, bravery, forgiveness, and righteous living with the help of her family members, neighbors, and ward friends. In each of the five episodes, every day brings new adventures and lessons to learn for Isabel.

Our personal favorite is the all-too-relatable fifth episode where Isabel and her brother just can’t hold still at church. You can watch all five episodes of Isabel & the Razzle Dazzle 3rd Ward in the YouTube players below or on Deseret Video!

And if your family falls in love with Isabel like we have, you can also find a companion storybook—Isabel's Adventures with Faith and Honesty—that showcases important teaching (and learning) moments with Isabel and her friends.

Isabel's Adventures with Faith and Honesty

Join Isabel and her friends and family in the razzle dazzle 3rd Ward as she learns two important lessons about faith and honesty!

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