Are Mormon and Evangelical views of God really that different?

Because of a certain person who shall go nameless — let’s call him M. Romney or Mitt R. — the question of Mormon differences from historical Christianity has been very much in the air.  Not too long ago, for instance, we published an article (part of a broader discussion on the topic) in which Warren Cole Smith explained why he, as an evangelical, could not vote for a Mormon.  This became a very controversial piece, eliciting no fewer than three responses in the Washington Post.  I have staked out the opposite position: as an evangelical, I’m very comfortable voting for a Mormon.  But Warren and I agree on a more fundamentally theologically question: we both believe there are clear and important theological differences between Mormonism and historical Christianity.  Those differences worry Warren when he assesses a presidential candidate, while I don’t believe those differences would lead a Mormon to make different policy decisions than a Christian.
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