Best-Selling Authors Share Their Favorite Christmas Books & What Makes Stories Endure

Looking for a good book to read this season? Find out what make a Christmas book an enduring classic and be sure to check out these famous authors' book recommendations!

It’s easy to name Christmas stories that are enduring. Tales such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens or How the Grinch Stole Christmasby Dr. Seuss have become more than stories — they’ve become widespread tradition.

But the question isn’t which stories are enduring — it’s why

“To me, an enduring Christmas book has a story one thinks about long after reading the last word, a story one wants to read with each holiday season or a story one wants to share,” said Robyn Buttars, author of Christmas Rose and Christmas Wonders, which was released this year. “An enduring Christmas story creates a bond between readers and the characters through tender feelings of empathy and joy.”

Seven Christmas book authors, including several from Utah, responded to questions from the Deseret News on what it takes to create a unique and enduring Christmas story.

Change of heart

Part of the magic in most Christmas stories is the change in characters’ — and readers’ — hearts.

“For me, Christmas has to make my characters a little bit better than they were when the story started,” wrote Carla Kelly, who’s authored many Regency-era stories, including several set at Christmastime.

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