Brother of Slain LDS Man in Church Shooting Says Family's Faith Keeps Them Going

by | Jul. 25, 2018

Mormon Life

"Our understanding of the plan of salvation and knowledge that families are eternal and that we'll see him again . . . it's what keeps us going," said Duane Miller, a victim of the Nevada church shooting and brother to Bert Miller.

The family of Bert Miller, a quiet-but-witty, unassuming mechanic and volunteer firefighter shot and killed Sunday during an LDS Church sacrament meeting 60 miles east of Reno, Nevada, had been looking forward to a family reunion this week built around his 62nd birthday on Saturday.

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Instead, in a tragic turn, his family will lay him to rest after a funeral on Friday. On Monday, the family canceled its order for a large birthday cake from the Reno Costco. Flowers will take its place.

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Monday was also the day authorities charged his alleged killer with first-degree murder and marked a day of expressions by Miller's family, including his brother, who was wounded in the attack and spoke publicly of the ordeal for the first time.

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