Catholic bloggers find peace in 'Mormon Mommy blogs'

I’ve been reading this lovely New York City mother for months and have found her blog to be a delightful combination of humor, grace, and spontaneity. And it had been weeks since I’d checked in on her happenings.

As I started reading her post on Memorial Day, I laughed out loud at her self-deprecating humor. “The cool thing to do in the city for Memorial Day is not be in the city for Memorial Day weekend. You know?” she writes. “But who needs to be cool to have a good time? Luckily, not us. ;)”

I swooned at the pictures of her and her husband reenacting that fateful moment from You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet in the park—you know the scene, at the place where the path bends. Yes, their darling toddler son played the part of the dog, Brinkley, and seemingly perfectly, I might add. And I gazed in awe at the fashionista’s fabulous clothes and awesomely decorated apartment—where does she get this sense of style and how can I get some?

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