Celebrating 5 Apostles' Birthdays in August

by | Aug. 01, 2013

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August 5th - Elder L. Tom Perry

Turns: 92

Did you know? Elder Perry first wanted to turn down being called as a 2nd counselor in his bishopric.

In humorous instance of reluctant church service, Elder Perry related in a 1982 Conference address how he changed his tune mid-way through an interview with an area authority concerning his then-bishop. The stake presidency was going to be released soon, and after glowing about his bishop for several minutes, Elder Perry realized what was going on: they were going to call his bishop to the new stake presidency.  With a joking smile, he stopped his train of thought to add, “The only difficulty he has is that when he is under pressure, he goes home and beats his wife.” To this, the sharp interviewer replied, “Isn’t that peculiar? He was in here just a minute ago and said you have leadership capabilities but you too have a fault. You like to go out behind the barn on occasion and smoke a cigar.” Neither man’s attempt to spare the other from Stake service was successful, and both were called into the new presidency.

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