Church Answers 11 Questions About How You Can #ShareGoodness This Conference

Common Questions

How do I start a conversation?

The best way to start a conversation is to leave something to talk about. Being preachy or making bold statements of “your truth” leaves little room for discussion. Share a “little bit” of your authentic, real light, and then live your life in a like manner. Everyone has hardships, but showing how simple truths can help you be happier is what #ShareGoodness is all about. Those who know you may inquire about the different tone of your posts. They will see your light and may eventually ask about your posts. Let them come to you, attracted by your light and your life.

How often should I post?

Sharing a raindrop of goodness does not mean you personally need to flood the earth. Your raindrop of shared goodness combined with everyone else’s will create that flood. You should never try to be that flood by yourself through massive amounts of communication. You will be exhausted and others will be annoyed. Better to be a welcome bit of sunshine than a blazing desert furnace.

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