Church Creates Surprisingly Funny Videos Promoting Safety While Driving (Perfect for FHE!)

by | Jun. 06, 2017

Mormon Life

Need a great and original FHE? Don't worry; lds.org has you covered.

Following Distracted Drive Awareness Month in April, safety.lds.org has released a series of videos that encourage drivers to stay safe avoid distractions while on the road. Along with the videos, they provide some pretty startling facts. For instance, each year drivers using cell phones causes 1.6 million car crashes every year and distracted drivers are six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk drivers.

“Why is the Church producing safety videos? Because we do a lot of activities in the Church, especially during the summer, and one of our goals is to promote safety," senior safety manager for the Church, Alan Rogers, told lds.org. “With the distracted driving videos, we hope to lessen the impact of auto accidents on the lives and families of Church members.”

The videos take on all too real scenarios where daily habits could contribute to distractive driving, like eating while driving or paying more attention to music on the radio than to the road.  

To help drivers realize the danger of distracted driving, lds.org created their series of videos that take on the topic of distracted driving in a unique and informative way. 

“We recognize these are serious topics,” product manager in the Church’s Risk Management Division, Steven Brimley, told lds.org. “But we’ve found that people tend to remember and share important points if we present them in a more positive manner.”

To view all the distracted driving videos, visit safety.lds.org.

Lead image from lds.org
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