Church Launches 'Because of Him' Easter Initiative

by | Apr. 15, 2014

News from Utah

The Savior's entire life was spent serving others and teaching them His gospel. It is also through His sacrifice that we can be resurrected and live with God again. Easter is the perfect time for you to share this glad message and be a missionary. 

The Church has launched a beautiful new Easter video and an accompanying hashtag, #BecauseofHim, to help with missionary efforts and to focus the holiday on the Savior. The landing page for the campaign,, is filled with short Bible-based messages about the Savior, questions to ponder, and plenty of places to talk with the missionaries or learn more about different related topics. There is even an option to receive a free copy of the Holy Bible. This is a great, easy way for you to share the gospel with your friends and family through social media! Watch the video below and think about someone you can share the beautiful gospel message of Easter wtih. 

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