Church Removes Online Donation Options for Temple Patron Assistance Fund, Perpetual Education Fund

by | May 14, 2018

Mormon Life

Recently, the Church removed options to donate to the Temple Patron Assistance Fund and Perpetual Education Fund from the online tithing forms. 

"The generosity of Church members and others has led to sufficient levels of donated funds to the Perpetual Education Fund and the Temple Patron Assistance Fund," a message on lds.org reads. "As a result, members are encouraged to select other categories for their ongoing donations."

However, donations to these categories can still be processed through wards or branches. These funds were removed, "Because many members donate online," according to the message on lds.org.

The Temple Patron Assistance Fund was established in 1992 and helps provide members with a one-time visit to the temple for those living outside the U.S. and Canada who otherwise would not be able to attend. 

"As the population of the Church continues to expand in the world, there are more and more dedicated saints who live in remote and impoverished locales and lack the means to attend a temple even once in their lifetimes," according to lds.org. "Therefore, the Church has established the Temple Patron Assistance Fund to provide financial assistance to those who otherwise could not afford the travel expenses associated with attending a temple and participating in the sacred blessings available only in the House of the Lord."

The Perpetual Education Fund was established in 2001 by President Gordon B. Hinckley to "lift individuals and families out of poverty and into self-reliance" through loan programs to help members of all ages obtain an education, according to lds.org

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