Church Suspends Self-Pack Services at Canneries

Wondering why you haven't received a cannery assignment lately? This month, the last of the 12 locations that provided self-canning services suspended these services. 

Many members throughout the U.S. and Canada may remember receiving a cannery assignment once a year and showing up to self-pack bulk food items such as wheat, flour, sugar, or even hot chocolate mix in #10 metal cans.

For decades, the Church has been operating canneries—now known as home storage centers—to help provide affordable resources to individuals and families striving to become more self-reliant.

How the Church has met that commitment has evolved over the years. In 2013, all but 12 of the Church’s home storage centers discontinued the self-canning services. Now, as of November 1, 2016, those 12 locations have also suspended self-canning.

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Not Your Mother's Food Storage

Say goodbye to the days of storing large containers of wheat and cases of freeze-dried food that your family will never eat and to the rows and rows of unopened mystery cans on dusty basement shelves.

Say hello to a new way of looking at food storage. One that focuses on the food as much as the storage.

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