Church Upgrades LDS Tools App to Include Missionaries, Additional Membership Data

The LDS Tools mobile team has just released an upgrade for Android and iOS (Apple). New features make the app more versatile for connecting with other members, leaders, and missionaries. According to Justin Krebs, product manager for LDS Tools, “The addition of missionary contact information in LDS Tools makes it easier for members to contact missionaries and coordinate their efforts in hastening the work of salvation." 

The monthly user base of over 1 million devices running LDS Tools is evenly spread between iOS and Android. If you are a mobile user, you will find the upgraded app a valuable resource in your line-up of mobile favorites. Here are some key features:

1) Reports and additional membership data are now available to members of the ward council, including their presidencies and secretaries, which give them access to reports from Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) on their mobile devices. The additional data access for leaders requires a Passcode (iOS) or a PIN (Android) to keep sensitive information private. If the app is left idle and open, the user's session times out and requires the user to reenter their LDS Tools Passcode or PIN. 

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