Dave Says: Give the Kid a Hand!

by | Sep. 13, 2011


Dear Dave,

Several months ago, my five-year-old son told me he wanted a Nintendo DS. He does little things around the house for me, and at his grandparents’ place, so I told him he’d need to save his money and buy it. Well, he did! He’s got enough for the console, but not to pay the sales tax. Should I help him out?


Dear Nina,
Are you serious? Yes, you should pitch in and pay the sales tax! It’s not like he’s 15 or 20. This kid is just five years old, and he’s a financial rock star. I think we can cut him a little slack on this one.

The older they get, the more hardcore you need to get as a parent when it comes to financial responsibility. But this child is already learning a great principle that will last him the rest of his life. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit, you can accomplish anything.

Don’t let this be a one-shot deal. He needs a new goal right now, so go out and find something he’s as excited about as that Nintendo DS. Then, let him start working on that one.

I’m telling you, if we could send some people to Washington who understand what your son already understands, this country would be in great shape!


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