Dave Says: Hunt Down the Money!

by | Mar. 27, 2012


Dear Dave,

I’m 24, and I don’t have any debt except for a small student loan. I’m going to law school to study international law, and I have a scholarship that pays 25 percent. However, I won’t really be able to work much while I’m studying. How can I do this without taking on more debt?


Dear Amy,

If I were you I’d do some online research on all the governmental agencies out there. I’ll bet there’s one that’s willing to pay for your law school if you would agree to work for them for a few years after you get out. It’s kind of an indentured servitude deal, but that’s a lot better than taking on $150,000 or more in debt.

The scholarship is a good thing, but we both know it will only scratch the surface when you’re talking about law school. Think about this, Amy. You got the scholarship by finding a good opportunity and asking for it, right? There’s a ton of scholarship money out there, and millions of dollars of it goes unclaimed every year. 

If I were you, I’d get into the business of hunting money. Track down every possibility you can, and use every honest thing to your advantage!    


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