Dave Says: Leasing from Your Company?

by | Oct. 04, 2011


Dear Dave,

I know how you feel about leasing a car. But what about the car leasing programs that auto manufacturers offer their employees?


Dear Stephanie,

A few automakers do this kind of thing, but I’d advise investigating the deal very carefully. And it wouldn’t hurt to take a cold shower first – just to make sure you wash off any car fever you may have.

Some of the automaker offers are just another way for the company to fleece drivers. But some manufacturers offer their employees programs that aren’t a traditional lease. A few of them offer the use of a high-quality car for very little money per month and no hidden catches. In these cases it can work out pretty well. In some instances you’d lose more in value every month – even if you bought a car with cash – than you would pay out under a good employee program. Some companies even offer gas and more in the deal.

Just make sure you check the details thoroughly. Use your head and a calculator – not your heart – when making the decision!


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