Dave Says: Too Much Going On

by | Oct. 25, 2011


Dear Dave,

I’ve got some rental houses, and I run a mail route six days a week. Plus, I grew up on a farm, I still farm, and I’m the minister of a small church. I’m trying to sort these things out, and decide how to free up more time to work in the ministry. I’m not sure what to do.


Dear Damon,

I would spend some serious time thinking about your situation and praying. Ask God directly what he’s calling you to do for this season of your life. Once you’re called into the ministry, then you’re in the ministry. But one of the questions we’re looking at here is this: should this be the season in which you continue to do this kind of church work? Lots of ministry work is done outside the church, or at least it should be.

Plus, you’ve got to be having fun. You’ll be having fun when you’re doing what you were designed to do. Let me ask you a question. If you had a clean slate, no obligations and unlimited money, what would you do? Now, I’m not talking about sitting on the beach and forgetting the family. That’s not an option once you have the responsibility in place. I’m talking about a kind of work that you’re going to fall in love with and completely pour yourself into. If it’s being involved in rental properties and real estate, fine. If it’s dumping the rental properties, mail route, and farming so you can concentrate on the ministry, that’s great, too.

Think it over from that perspective, but I’d say one or two of these things needs to disappear within the next few months. If not, it’s going to start eating you up inside.


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