Deaf Latter-day Saint shares how she hears the Lord in new #HearHim video

by | Jul. 15, 2021

Everyone hears the voice of the Lord in different ways, and one Latter-day Saint is sharing her unique experience hearing God in her life.

Jamila was born deaf, and joined the Church in college. In a new #HearHim video released by the Church, she shares how she hears the voice of the Lord in her life.

“For me, it’s a visual hearing. I depend on my eyes, and that’s how I hear Him, as I turn my eyes towards Him,” she says.

“How I hear Him is turning my attention to him, [it’s] through my actions. I’m able to demonstrate to everybody that I’m trying to be more like Christ. And what that means is loving Him and showing love towards others. When I’m serving others and learning from Jesus Christ’s attributes, I’m able to identify those more in myself and recognize them more in others. I’m able to serve and minister to their needs.” 

Jamila also says that it hurts her to be treated differently because of her disability.

“I want people to view me as a human being rather than only seeing my deafness. I want them to see me for who I truly am—a child of God,” she says.

Watch the video below.

Lead image: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
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