December 2013 Home Teaching Message: Family and Friends Forever

by | Dec. 05, 2013

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Wherever you live, you have friends who are searching for the greater happiness you have found in living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They may not be able to describe that happiness in words, but they can recognize it when they see it in your life. They will be eager to learn the source of that happiness, especially when they see that you face trials just as they do.

You have felt happiness as you have kept the commandments of God. That is the promised fruit of living the gospel (see Mosiah 2:41). You don’t faithfully obey the Lord’s commandments to be seen by other people, but those who observe your happiness are being prepared by the Lord to hear the good news of the Restoration of the gospel.

Read the rest of First Presidency message for December 2013 at lds.org. And get President Eyring's biography, I Will Lead You Along, at deseretbook.com.

Share this video with those around you who may need the Spirit brought into their lives this Christmas time--either those you home teach or those who may not be of our faith.

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