Despite challenges, LDS musician continues career of optimism and faith

Atop Utah’s Mount Olympus sits a mailbox. Rusty and battered, the mailbox contains a sheet of paper listing the names of individuals who have scaled the mountain to its peak. In June 2010, LDS musician Paul Cardall added his name to the list, exemplifying his triumph in a life full of adversity.

Cardall was born with congenital heart disease, but despite challenges, has become a successful musician, father and friend. His music expresses his faith in the miracles of God.

“Out of every tragedy, God takes bitterness and turns it into sweetness,” Cardall said. “The olive press takes a bitter olive and makes sweet olive oil. Christ took our sins, very bitter, and turned them into something sweet. All of these thoughts — this is all at the heart of my music. That’s my thought process whenever I create.”

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