Donny Osmond Makes 11-Year-Old Boy's Wish Come True by Giving Him a Dream Coat

Since he was 3 or 4 years old, Matthew English grew up watching Donny Osmond.

"I grew up watching you in Joseph [and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat] and always wanted a dream coat," English wrote to Donny Osmond. "I know all your songs."

English also thanked Donny Osmond for all his work with The Hearing Fund, a charity inspired by Olive Osmond's dream to "bring music to [the] ears" of the deaf and hearing impaired.

English wrote, "I would really like to thank you because I'm hearing impaired and The Hearing Fund has so helped me."

While in concert in Brighton, England, Donny Osmond invited English onto the stage, making his wish come true as he gave him a coat of many colors while singing with the 11-year-old boy "Any Dream Will Do."

On Facebook, Donny Osmond wrote:

This video was taken during the purple card improv segment of the show last night in Brighton. It was one of the coolest moments ever when 11-year-old Matthew English joined me on stage to sing "Any Dream Will Do." He's been singing it ever since he was about 5 and plays the violin to it as well. He reminds me of my grandson Dylan. This was pretty special.
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