FHE: The Names of Christ

by | Dec. 14, 2018

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Challenge: As you read your scriptures, highlight the names of Christ you find. Keep a separate journal of these names and record what attributes of the Savior are explained by each name.

Song: Sacred Names of Jesus (Friend magazine, 1998), The Lord is My Light (Hymns no. 89)

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6

Lesson: Ask your family the following questions:

How did you get your name? When someone says your name, what do they think of? Does anyone ever call you by a nickname?

Explain that nicknames may describe different things about you. Maybe something quirky you did as a child, or maybe something you really excel at. Just as our various nicknames represent something about us, Jesus Christ’s many names all symbolically tell about one of His attributes. 

Have family members list some of the more familiar names of Christ, such as Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, Lord, Jehovah, The Living Water, The Bread of Life, Light, Good Shepherd, Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, and so on.

What are some of the lesser-known names of Christ? Split up the following scriptures between family members. Have them identify the name of Christ in the scripture and discuss what it might mean. Below are some possible ideas.

1. Matthew 1:23

Emmanuel/Immanuel—A name which means “God with us.” While perhaps referring to Christ’s physical presence in ancient times, we also know that because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we can have God with us through the Holy Ghost and that we can live with Him again.

2. Hebrews 9:15

 Mediator—A mediator is someone who helps to settle a disagreement or difference. Christ is our mediator, helping resolve differences between our conduct and the Lord’s standard and, through His sacrifice, allowing us to repent and return to live with God.

3. Genesis 49:10; JST, Genesis 50:24

Shiloh—A Hebrew word thought to be a short form of asher-lo, meaning “whose right it is.” It is another form of the name Messiah (“the anointed”). Both names refer to Christ’s royal lineage as heir to the throne of David.

4. Luke 1:68-69

The Horn of Salvation—In ancient tabernacles and temples, there was an altar for burnt offerings. It had four horns on its corners where the sacrificial blood was smeared. When a criminal held onto these horns, they were given refuge and protection. This name of Jesus Christ reminds us that we can find refuge and repentance by holding tightly to the Savior and His teachings.

 5. D&C 29:9

Lord of Hosts—“Host” means a large number, usually referring to an army. The name Lord of Hosts could represent Jesus Christ’s position at the head of the righteous army that we are a part of.  

6. John 15:1-5

Vine—The branches of a plant rely on the vine for their nutrients and survival. This name of Christ might represent His central role in our lives. We, like the branches, would shrivel up without the life-support of the vine.

Game: Go around in a circle and have each family member list a different name of Christ. If you get stumped for more than 10 seconds, you are out. The winner is the last person to still be listing different names. For a list of name ideas, look in the Bible Dictionary under “Christ, names of.”

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