Fab 5: Temple Art from Etsy


(1) Artistic Temple Prints from cherishmedesigns, $18.00.

We love the special treatment on these prints. Her store features prints of lots of various temples. Look for yours and be amazed at the price and the quality of these designs!


(2) Temple Portraits from HouseofRouse, $9.00

If you want your temple art to make a statement, look no further. These stunning photographs will really highlight the majesty of the temple in your home. 


(3) Temple Collage from AcorntoZebraCollage, $20.00

Scrapbook collage of a temple? Yep, you heard right. These incredibly cute works of art are all made from scrapbook paper. This Etsy store has many different temple collages to choose from--perfect for your children's rooms or teenagers. 


(4) Stained Glass Temple from MosaicMishmash, $875.00

Unique enough for you? Don't let the price overwhelm you. We were absolutely blown away by the craftsmanship of this stained glass piece of the Mesa Arizona Temple.


(5) Pop Art Temples from PicadillyLime, $4.95

Who doesn't love a bit of color and pop art to brighten up the home? Pair that with any temple, and you've got a killer combination for a fantastic price!

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