Former LDS Chapel May Become Haunted House

by | Jul. 21, 2015


Some people think old, abandoned buildings have ghosts haunting the halls.

But for the old brick building on the corner of 13th Street and Lee Avenue in Idaho Falls, those who have haunted it have been solid flesh and blood.

When Idaho Falls business owner Tyler Price first toured the building, evidence of vandalism was rampant. Graffiti, broken windows, shattered light fixtures and singed carpet from fires set inside were apparent all over the building.

Price, who owns the Austin Kade Academy cosmetology schools in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello, is looking to purchase the building to open a culinary arts school, but the structure requires extensive repairs.

"As it stands, it works perfectly for the culinary academy," Price said. "There isn't anything I want to change. I just want to restore."

To fund the renovation, Price came up with the idea of turning the building into a haunted attraction. The profits generated from the attraction would fund the creation of the culinary school.

Photo from East Idaho News
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