From an Aikido Master to a Ballerina: New Videos Capture 7 Book of Mormon Testimonies

by | Jan. 24, 2020

From a ballerina to an artist to an aikido master, a new series of videos from the Church features Latter-day Saints sharing their unique testimonies of the Book of Mormon.

Artistry and the Book of Mormon: 

One of the videos features an artist named Tom. Tom paints a portrait of Christ while explaining the relevance that the Book of Mormon has to his life. “It just seems like there’s so much that relates to what’s going on in our world today.” 

Striving for Perfection: 

“What I love so much about dance is that nobody’s perfect at it. I spend a lot of my time adjusting and tweaking my movements to get them just right, and that is similar to life. I think to be a good disciple of Christ, it does take hard work.” Rylee, a ballet dancer, relates her profession to the gospel and shares her testimony of the Book of Mormon.

The Greatest Defense: 

Kimani, a boxer, says the Book of Mormon is his greatest defense in his sport and life. “The Book of Mormon is like my boxing gloves. And it can take out any opponent.”

The Familiarity and Peace of the Book of Mormon: 

Kelley, an aikido master, first read the Book of Mormon when she was 17. She gained a testimony of the importance and familiarity of the book. “When I read the Book of Mormon, it’s like a letter from home. It’s my Heavenly Father talking directly to me about what I need in my life.”

Guidance from the Book of Mormon: 

“Reading the Book of Mormon is a lot like flying. When you’re up in the air, you need a direction. You need to know where you’re going, what your next step is, and the Book of Mormon gives me that direction spiritually.” Ethan relates his need for the Book of Mormon to his profession: flying airplanes.

Strength through Christ: 

Kwannauang suffers from polio, but does not let this physical trial stop him from worshiping God or fulfilling his passion: carving coconuts. “Before, I was a very weak person; now I am strong. I will continue to read and follow the commandments of God, following the Book of Mormon until my last day.”

Problem Solving while Running:

“And a lot of times I find myself, as I’m running, pondering scriptures that are in the Book of Mormon. And it helps me solve problems in my life.” An avid trail runner, Brian, contemplates on verses of the Book of Mormon and their importance all while running. 

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