General Conference Trivia Quiz

by | Apr. 04, 2013



1.    General conference was a three-day event until which year?

a.    1977
b.    1942
c.    1924

2.    How many times has general conference been delayed or canceled?

a.    1
b.    2
c.    3

3.    Which year was general conference broadcast from the Peter Whitmer farm in Fayette, New York?

a.    1955
b.    1980
c.    2005

4.    Which prophet wiggled his ears during his priesthood session talk?

a.    Spencer W. Kimball
b.    Gordon B. Hinckley
c.    Thomas S. Monson

5.    Who was the first woman to speak in general conference?

a.    Michaelene P. Grassli, general Primary president, in 1988
b.    Barbara B. Smith, general Relief Society president, in 1979
c.    Ardeth G. Kapp, general Young Women president, in 1984

6.    Which year did Church leaders announce in conference the addition of “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” as a subtitle to the Book of Mormon?

a.    1982
b.    1969
c.    1975

7.    Which prophet broke 3 ribs after falling during his conference talk?

a.    Spencer W. Kimball
b.    Heber J. Grant
c.    Howard W. Hunter

8.    Which year did the Church begin providing translations of general conference?

a.    1961
b.    1949
c.    1952

9. Which year was general conference first broadcast over the internet?

a.    1999
b.    2001
c.    2003


1. A: In April 1977, it was announced that general conference would be shortened to two days and would be held on the first Saturday and Sunday of the respective month. Before then, general conference was a three-day event, and the April conference was always held on April 6 and surrounding days.

2. B: General conference has been canceled or delayed twice—in April 1919, when it was postponed until June because of an influenza outbreak, and then in the fall of 1957, when it was canceled due to an Asian flu epidemic.

3. B: In April 1980, the Church marked its sesquicentennial by broadcasting general conference from the Peter Whitmer farm in Fayette, N.Y. (where the Church was founded in 1830).

4. C: In April 2008, President Thomas S. Monson wiggled his ears to illustrate a story in his priesthood session talk; the act became an overnight internet sensation.

5. A: In October 1988, Michaelene P. Grassli, general Primary president, became the first woman to speak in general conference.

6. A: The addition of "Another Testament of Jesus Christ" was announced in October 1982.

7. C: In April 1988, President Howard W. Hunter fell backward while speaking. (He had recently had surgery.) He was lifted back up by apostles Thomas S. Monson and Boyd K. Packer and a church security guard. Hunter continued his sermon despite sustaining three broken ribs.

8. A: Translations of general conference began in 1961 when it was translated into Spanish, German, Samoan, and Dutch. Last year’s conference was translated into 94 languages.

9. A: General conference was first broadcast over the internet in 1999. Conference was first broadcast over radio in October 1924, and it was first televised in October 1949.

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