Hi, I'm not a Mormon: What life can be like for non-LDS at BYU

“You’re not just an RM, you’re an LDS RM, who’s trained at the MTC who became a DL a ZL, and an AP, who was promised long ago by his bishop through a PPI after BYC that someday he’d be the EQP. I smell GA!”

Vernacular such as this from “The RM” can be confusing, but those familiar with LDS culture can appreciate its comedic value. Movies like “The RM” and “The Singles Ward” riff the idiosyncrasies of LDS culture and BYU’s student body, of which 98 percent is affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

However, for the other 2 percent, those movies are an illustration of how different the BYU world can be. From living an honor code that doesn’t always match up completely with their belief system, to finding out the true meaning of “every member a missionary,” those not affiliated with the Church can find BYU to be both a frustrating and gratifying experience.

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