Homemade Food Storage Pizza

There are many great things you can do with food storage and as surprising as it may seem, making great homemade pizza is one of them. Not only can you make an amazing pizza crust out of almost only food storage ingredients, there are also many great pizza toppings that you can add from your food storage. Some great ideas are freeze-dried sausage crumbles, freeze-dried mozzarella or cheddar cheese, Yoders Canned Bacon, freeze-dried green peppers, freeze-dried pineapple, freeze-dried mushrooms, and even tomato powder for the sauce.

I like to make homemade pizza dough using my bread machine and homemade pizza sauce. Here are the recipes if you want to give them a try:


This pizza is simple to make and produces a very gourmet tasting finished product. To give you an idea of what your finished pizza might look like, this is how ours looked when we were finished:


Give our Homemade Food Storage Pizza a try and you will be surprised how amazing your food storage can be.
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