How Can I Make it Onto a "100 Coolest" List?

How do people get to be so awesome?

Recently I read an article about the 100 coolest Mormon women alive today. As I read through the list of their accomplishments, I was struck with the thought, “How on earth do I become like one of those women?” And I started thinking of more and more awesome women and what they do. Women who write books that sell like hotcakes. Women who write blogs that have a million page views (I mean, mine is nearing 10,000 and that’s a pretty big deal for me). Women who start their own businesses or teach at important universities or play an instrument like a boss or don’t just know politics but articulate their thoughts without sounding like a goon (why do I get so tongue-tied?). Or, you know, are skeleton racers in the Olympics. Cool, right?

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