How Peanut Butter Is Helping the Church Make Connections with the Community

by | Jun. 18, 2015

News from Utah

Occasionally, someone drawn by the smell of peanuts roasting will happen to stumble up to the door of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located on the north side of Houston, just south of FM 1960 and a few blocks west from Interstate 45.

The church's Houston Peanut Butter Cannery stands next door to the house of worship - and pumps out about 907,000 jars of the popular sandwich spread each year, using high-tech equipment suited for a high-volume operation.

Peter Polis, who serves as the manager of the facility, has to explain to visitors that the product is not for sale.

"The peanut butter produced here is not available to the public," he said. "You can't buy it."

And he warns guests before they taste the product: "Be careful when you feed this to your family, because they won't ever want any other type of peanut butter."

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