How Satan Parodies Jesus's Role as 'The Great Physician'

About a year ago, I was talking with my friend Mike in the front seat of his car. He is the type of friend where you can get talking, and before you know it, someone is calling, and you are in trouble for not being somewhere you were supposed to be.

Out of the blue, Mike said to me,

“You know if Jesus is The Great Physician,” wouldn’t Satan be considered The Great Anesthetist?”

Whoa. Score one for Mike. I tucked this idea into the back of my mind and stewed on it. For a year. I think it has incubated long enough.

I want to spend a moment looking at both halves of his statement, and seeing how it plays out. Because frankly, I LIKE anesthesia…

Jesus Christ: The Great Physician

Throughout the New Testament we find story after story of Christ healing both the physical and spiritual infirmities of those around him. One of the many examples is the wonderful story of the healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda. If you want to read the story, here is the link. John 5:1-9

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