How This Leader's Unexpected Experience with the Book of Mormon Built Her Testimony

“The heavens did not open, and that experience was just very quick, but it was as profound to me as if I had seen a concourse of angels," second counselor in the general Young Women presidency Sister Becky Craven said of the unexpected but life-changing experience she had after reading the Book of Mormon. 

Living in areas where her siblings often were the only other Church members at her schools, Sister Craven drew on the social and spiritual support of Young Women peers in weekly lessons and gatherings as well as stake and regional Super Saturday activities.

“Young Women to me was very critical—and even more than my Young Women friends were my Young Women leaders. I looked up to and admired them,” she said, noting her mother was her Laurel adviser while in London.

She cites two defining moments—one educational, the other spiritual.

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