How a Young LDS Father Overcame His Addiction to Painkillers

A motorcycle accident on June 12, 2007, left Eric Jensen in bad shape. His body was covered in deep road rashes, his spine had two herniated discs and he had nerve damage in his left arm. Jensen’s wife, Brittany, felt fortunate her husband was alive. But nothing could prepare either of them for what they would face for the next three years — something far more deadly than a totaled motorcycle and an injured body.

“I remember getting up and leaving the hospital with a few bottles of pain pills and muscle relaxers,” Jensen said. “It was no big deal, just some pills to help with the pain.”

At first, Jensen took the pills as prescribed. They gave him the relief he needed to do every day activities, like holding his newborn son. But he’ll never forget the first time he got high from his pills.

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