Howie Mandel Raves About Alex Boye on 'America's Got Talent'

Last week, in a teaser for the latest episode of America's Got Talent, popular LDS Youtuber and singer Alex Boye noted, "[Our] performance was so hot, it actually sent me to the hospital."

As Boye and his band, Changing Lanes Experience, walked onto the stages, the judges reacted with curiosity. A brief exchange revealed that Boye is originally from England, now living in Salt Lake City, and he makes "online music" for a living. Sharing his reason for being on the show, he explained, "My dream is to absolutely slay it with these incredible people, win our own Vegas show, and everyone coming to see us every single day, every single week, and we put a smile on their faces."

Boye and his band sang an Africanized version of Taylor Swift's popular song "Shake It Off" with lots of fun dance moves thrown in by Boye and every member of his accompanying band. 

Of his performance, Boye said that he "killed it on stage on America's Got Talent!"

Indeed, noted judge Howie Mandel told Boye and his group, "Alex: I stood up at the end, so did everybody, but I can’t 'shake it off.' I have to be honest with you, in my six years here, this is my favorite music act ever."

He and his posse earned a ticket to the next round of competition. 

So just who exactly was injured on the show? 

A member of a different group, the salsa troupe Semeneya. A painful knee injury sent one of their number to the hospital, but their group also advanced to the next round.  

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