I Like General Conference Better After It’s Over

For those of you who might get a little overwhelmed on conference weekend, here are some ways you can get the most out of conference when it's happening and throughout the coming months. You should also check out these 25 ways you can power your life with conference all year long. 

I’m one of those church members who often feels guilty about the fact that I don’t like general conference. Don’t get me wrong. I sustain our Church leaders, love the messages that come from their talks, and enjoy the spiritual renewal from personal revelation and answers to prayers that often accompanies general conference. However, these things usually happen for me the week after conference is over and into the following months, once the text and videos are released online and in printed form.

Why don’t I “like” conference?

I get overwhelmed with the time. It’s hours upon hours….upon hours—into days, for two weekends. I begin to feel anxiety from an overload of information, all at once. (Side note: my LEAST effective Love Language is quality time.) It all begins to run together and get muddled.

Also, I have 3 young children. Much of my time during talks is spent corralling my boys, coercing (bribing) them to listen to a certain number of talks, interrupting messages for snacks/meals, and countless other distractions. Plus, our Saturday mornings are often full of kid activities—sports, etc., which often poses scheduling issues.

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