Is Service Really Always the Answer?

Service opportunities rarely come at convenient moments in our lives, but this story shows the power of following a prompting to serve, even when it's difficult. 

One night this summer, I found myself in a bit of a funk. Actually, it was more than a bit. It was perhaps the funk of all funks. I felt that nearly every relationship I had was struggling and I was depleted trying to figure out how to do my life and fit all the people I cared about in it. I even, I’m embarrassed to say, texted a dear friend that night and said, "I'm done with people." I was sure the answer to my current state was just taking a break of some kind for a while.

The next morning one my fellow group members (in the mentor group I am apart of for the Connections Project—we’ve been mentoring a refugee family for the past 11 months), sent out an emergency email.

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