Jets' Trevor Reilly Gains Maturity From Daughter's Cancer and His Mission

by | May 19, 2014

News from Utah

Jessica Reilly lifted her infant daughter, Shayn, out of the bath around 7 o’clock that night last May. Jessica rubbed lotion on Shayn’s belly, preparing her for bed – just another part of their evening routine.

Then Jessica felt a lump under Shayn’s rib cage. It’s probably just constipation, suggested her husband, Trevor. Jessica would not dismiss the lump so easily. A chronic worrier, she always rushes to aid her daughters whenever they so much as tumble.

At the doctor’s office and hospital that night, the Reillys’ heads spun as Shayn underwent tests and an ultrasound. Finally, five oncology doctors walked into the room. Come back tomorrow, the doctors told the Reillys. They offered no definitive answers.

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