Jewish Woman Launches Modest Online Marketplace for Mormons, Others

by | Feb. 28, 2015

News from Utah

Nava Brief-Fried is passionate about fashion and design, but most of all, she's passionate about helping women find modest clothing. That's why she created a modest marketplace for women around the world.

Twenty-four-year-old Brief-Fried grew up in a Jewish family and has lived in Israel since she was 4. In keeping with her religious standards and her own preferences, Brief-Fried has dressed modestly throughout her life. Because it has been difficult for her to find fashionable clothes that meet her standards, Brief-Fried created ModLi, a modest marketplace for designers and consumers.

"I know that 'modesty' is a word that is used often, and everybody defines themselves as modest in a different way," Brief-Fried told the Deseret News.

While building ModLi.co, Brief-Fried focused on features that would set her clothing site apart from other retailers. The ModLi website, which launched Jan. 19, allows customers to sort clothing based not only on price, color, size and designer but also by skirt length, sleeve length and necklines.

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