LDS 11-Year-Old Makes "TIME" Magazine's Top 10 Viral YouTube Videos from 2016

Over 62 million views. That's what it took for 11-year-old Lincoln Markham and his father, Daniel, to make it onto TIME magazine's list of the top 10 viral YouTube videos of 2016, appearing alongside stars like Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Channing Tatum.

What started out as an elementary science project now has become a YouTube channel that now has nearly 4 million subscribers and well over 100 billion views.

At 10-years-old, Lincoln Markham wanted to find out what different sports balls were made of for his school science project. His father decided to help Lincoln by making videos of the two of them cutting open these sports balls to see what was inside.

What began as a simple experiment has now turned into a thriving YouTube channel and an incredible bonding experience for a father and son. After Lincoln and Daniel ran out of sports equipment to cut in half, they moved onto new products—everything from fire extinguishers and lava lamps to drones and MacBooks.

In their most popular video from 2016, Lincoln and Daniel decided to cut open a rattlesnake rattle to see what was inside. Check it out for yourself:

Lincoln and Daniel even used their new fame to help promote a good cause by collaborating with other YouTube channels and billionaire Bill Gates to help raise awareness of global issues among high school students. Lincoln and his father traveled to the Philippines, where Daniel was born and served his mission, to raise awareness about the need for clean, drinkable water worldwide by cutting open a water filter.

Check out more of their videos here.

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