LDS 14-Year-Old Creates Stunning Designs on "Project Runway Junior" (+ How She Shared Her Faith)

For her 11th birthday, Allie Lunt's party theme was Project Runway. Now, just three years later, Lunt's birthday wish came true when she participated in Project Runway Junior, which premiered on December 22.

Lunt attributes her success in the fashion world at such a young age to her faith. "My religion is an important part of who I am and everything I do," Lunt says. "I want the women I design for to feel beautiful—and not to just feel like they are wearing a beautiful dress—but I want them to feel as beautiful as God has created them to be. God creates beautiful things, and I want to recognize the talent He gave me by using it to also create things that are beautiful."

While on the show, Lunt did just that, creating many beautiful designs to meet the show's challenge, including a design that used pool materials as accessories, a fencing-inspired design, a day to night design, a design that incorporated LED lights, and more.

Here's my final look!!! I'm so proud I was able to finish and still have time for my interview with @chrisneilrusso on the topic of @zacefron 😂💗 #designerallie #projectrunwayjunior #projectrunway #teendesigner

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After her sixth challenge, Lunt learned that she would not be continuing on Project Runway Junior after she just barely managed to finish the week's challenge despite burning her hand with a hot glue gun. 

But co-host Tim Gunn left Lunt with these sweet words: “Just as important to me as your talent, which is exceptional, you are an amazing individual with beautiful qualities of character. I’m going to miss that part of you.”

That quality was something Lunt's fellow competitors couldn't help but notice as they became what Lunt describes as "instant family."

Though daunting in the fashion world, when Lunt learned one of the other designers was familiar with Mormons, she decided to share her faith. "I knew if anything was coming, I could take it. Yet there was no need. Everyone treated me with the same respect as they always had, and even began asking questions. I was able to share what I believe and answer the questions they had. One of the other designers even commented, 'You know, I don't really go to church anymore, but your religion really seems to work for you.' I could tell from the way they said it that they really respected me for who I was, and knew that I wasn't afraid to share what I believe."

But Lunt's journey is not over, as she just announced she and some of her fellow contestants will be showing their designs at New York Fashion Week:

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