LDS Artist Creates Unbelievable Masterpieces on an Etch A Sketch, Then Erases Them

At nine years old, Madeline Skillings received her first Etch A Sketch, a toy that has now become an avenue for her to create beautiful works of arts that she then erases.

“One thing I love particularly about the Etch A Sketch toy is that the pictures don’t last, that you have to enjoy it in the moment. People become horrified when they learn that after I create something, I shake it,” Skillings told KSL.

A BYU student finishing her nursing degree, Skillings still finds time to capture images inspired by her LDS faith or memories, if even just for a moment.

“I am just a firm believer that it’s fun and creative,” Skillings told KSL. “I love it because it’s hard. You really do feel accomplished after creating something. There are so many avenues for art and this one is unique.”

Check out these incredible works of art from her Instagram:

#etchasketch #angel #religiousart

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#etchasketch #religiousart

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"A New Father and His Baby" Thanks @aarondoria for being my model. #fathersday #newfather #etchasketch #father #love #newbaby #baby #happyfathersday #father @theellenshow

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Found the album from years ago when I was in high school and just starting to try and make real pictures on the #etchasketch!

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Short rose bouquet demo. Full video on YouTube! #etchasketch #howto #tutorial #etchasketchtutorial #etchaskillz

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Lead images from Instagram
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